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Cryptocurrency Valuation
You live on the cutting edge of technology. To attract and retain the best talent for your team, you’ll want to issue incentive tokens to your employees and contractors. IRS guidance indicates that token-based incentive programs will be treated as compensation in the same way that equity is — and that means you’ll need help navigating the potential tax impact as early as possible. Preferred Return can help you avoid unexpected tax burdens by providing an audit-ready valuation study for your tokens as you build your business, so you can recruit top talent and get back to leading the Blockchain revolution.
Non-Cash Compensation Reporting
(ASC 718)
Payroll: deceptively complex. The payroll that you’ve paid your team shows as a simple expense. But issuing 5,000 options that are subject to vesting doesn’t show up on your P&L. ASC 718 requires you to show this expense figure. We can handle it.
Purchase Price Allocation
(ASC 805)
Putting a number on the intangible. In between negotiating a transaction and integrating its customers, technologies and other intricacies, the buyer has to identify all of the assets it’s acquiring to ultimately report their Fair Value. Reporting the value of a car: pretty simple. Reporting the value of software designed to take photographs of retail parking lots from low-orbit satellite? Hard. Or, the value of someone’s attention span? Even harder. We’re here to make it easy.
Derivative Valuation
(ASC 815)
Don’t let valuation spoil good chemistry. You love your bank. They love you back. So they’ve given you a reduction in rate—but in exchange, ask that you issue them some warrants to share in the upside. Both positions (the debt and the warrant) may need to be mark-to-market (or valued). We can handle the valuation, so you can continue the romance.
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