Stock-based Compensation (ASC 718 Report)

Make sure your accounting for equity compensation conforms to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the ASC 718 standard. We’ll help you determine the fair value of your options and provide you with an ASC 718 report, saving you (and your accountants) time and headaches.

Reasonably priced, good quality and easy to work with. A winning combination. MATT FRANKLIN / CFO
  • Audit-tested disclosures

    GAAP requires your financial statements to include a variety of disclosures. We’ll handle all the requirements, from option roll forward to exercise disclosures, so your company can stay effortlessly compliant. Our reports have endured the scrutiny of Big 4 auditors and regional accounting firms. Say goodbye to endless reconciliations.
  • Accountant-ready journal entries

    We provide quarterly department-based journal entries and true-up calculations for all of your equity compensation grants to employees and non-employees, with grant-by-grant fair market value and live Black-Scholes formulas in a downloadable Excel, ready to get tick-and-tied.
  • Equity valuation assumptions reported

    We’ll value your stocks in an independent 409A valuation report, or just upload your past Fair Market Value data points. Then, we calculate the relevant volatility, risk-free rate, and everything else you need to stay GAAP-compliant. Audit support included.