Cryptocurrency Valuation

Incentive tokens given to employees or advisors are taxable compensation according to the IRS, so your company must file forms W-2 and 1099. We can help you establish the fair market value of your cryptocurrency grants.

The team had a deep understanding of both private company valuation and token economics. Highly recommend them! SHANE GLYNN / GENERAL COUNSEL & COFOUNDER
  • IRS Safe Harbor requirements for cryptocurrency

    Our team of independent experts have helped the largest and most complicated blockchain-based cryptocurrency companies secure Safe Harbor protection since 2014.
  • Token and market value

    Understanding your crypto token’s value in relation to its network value and the value of your stock is critical to accurately report your assets to the IRS.
  • Cost-effective, timely token reports.

    We have our cryptocurrency valuation process down to a science—you’ll have a draft in 1-2 weeks at the lowest cost in the industry.