Fundraising Support

The reason most founders fail at fundraising is because they don’t understand what investors are looking for, how to present their case as to the value that they have created and the value that they will create, and why should the investors give them the amount of money asked. This is advanced storytelling with numbers and we can help.

The Preferred Return team helped us re-position and crystallize our vision and understand the investment landscape from the VCs point of view. We ended up closing $2.5M round led by two top NYC venture funds based on feedback from the Preferred Return team. Highly recommend them. VICRUM PURI / CO-FOUNDER
  • Missing the trees for the forest

    Looking at a company for its individual assets may vastly undervalue the enterprise by missing key value drivers that are derived from the cohesiveness of the assets and opportunities working together. To find the true value of an enterprise, you need to study it holistically.
  • Multiples

    Revenue multiples and earning multiples are reported after a transaction as evidence, not during. First, you need to understand what creates value for the enterprise and what the risks are.
  • Industry knowledge

    Out experts have worked with over 2,400 companies and understand the intricacies of various industries and stage of companies. Understanding what part of your venture generates value is essential.